How to Claim P800 Tax Refund Easily and Quickly

In all the hurry when you are paying the taxes to HMRC, there are chances you pay too much tax than you should actually pay. This happens especially if you have had no help from one of the accountants in Bath.

How can you know if you have paid too much tax?

When HMRC receives taxes from millions of people making the payment, they carry out, by the end of the year, a reconciliation process in order to ensure that people have paid the right amount of tax—it can be either more than they owe or less. In order to address this issue, HMRC sends about six million letters—officially called, P800 Tax Calculations—normally between August and October.

So, when you get such a letter from HRMC, it is up to you to go ahead and claim your P800 Tax Refund. Earlier, when a letter was sent from HMRC about the amount over-paid by you as a letter, you could expect a check sent out by HMRC, within two or three days. However, now it has changed. The HMRC now requires the taxpayers to go online and claim their P800 Tax Refund.

How to check your calculation?

When you get the P800 Tax Calculation, it is imperative that you check the calculations to understand where you went wrong in calculating the amount you had to pay before going online to claim your P800 Tax Refund. If you have any kind of P11D P45 and P60 certificates with you, you need to cross-reference the same to spot the errors. It must also be kept in mind that HMRC always asserts the taxpayer to spot the errors.

How to Claim P800 Tax Refund

Once you have spot the error and found out the exact amount that you need to be refunded, you can follow any of the following methods to get the refund;

  • Get online: You can get onto the HMRC website and follow the instructions given on the website to claim the P800 Tax Refund. You can make use of your personal tax account to effortlessly claim your refund.
  • Call HMRC: You can also call the helpline of HMRC to make the request as well.
  • Just wait: Even though HMRC wants you to claim you refund online by yourself; when you do not claim the refund for 45 days, they will send you a check for the full refund that you are entitled to get.

Having the support from any of the professional accountants in Bath, when it comes to paying and claiming your P800 tax, can do great help for you. And, if you need the best in the industry, it is DNS Associates that you must get associated with. Incepted in 2005, they have been in the business for over a decade helping a myriad of clients from diverse industry and business verticals with a host of their accounting and taxation requirements. One of the best things about their services is that even when they are extremely professional and amicable, they still care for your requirements and often leave no stone unturned in helping even in your most unique request. DNS Associates are exceptionally fortified with professionals with enough academic qualifications and industry exposure to sufficiently help you.


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